Cityville Class Act Missions

By | October 4, 2011

NEW! Design your own University to match your alma mater’s logo in cityville class act missions ! Click “Share” to spread the word to your family and friends today!

Universities Are Here! Show Some Love for Your Favorite Universities in CityVille!

there are 3 new goals :
1. get smart
2. major decision
3. getting schooled

first you need to finish the student center in order to unlock 4 universities items that requires for part 2 & 3 : college stadium, college dorm, university sign and clock tower
you can find these quest item on build menu > universities, or use the search feature 🙂

part 1 : class act mission
– place a university student center
– complete the university student center

collect @ 6 for materials : caps, text books, notebooks, gowns, laptop

part 2 : dorm daze mission
– ask friends for 4 coffees
– build a college stadium
– build 2 college dorms

part 3 : closing the books mission
– ask friends for 8 ramen noodles
– place a clock tower
– place a university sign

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