Cityville Complete The Carrier Goals Cargo Aircraft Carrier Links

By | June 3, 2012

Build Cargo Aircraft Carrier in cityville complete the carrier goals! Save space with the Cargo Aircraft Carrier! Aircraft Carrier planes earn 3x goods and 2x mastery!


quest requirements :

mission 1 : complete the carrier goal
Place & Complete the Cargo Aircraft Carrier
Gather 12 Crate Stamps
Collect 6 Luggage Tags from Vacation Planes

cargo aircraft carrier material links :
steel-plate radar-dish deck-light deck-paint deck-asphalt
steel plate link – radar dish link – deck light link – deck paint link – deck asphalt link

mission 2 : upgrade your carrier goal
Upgrade your Cargo Aircraft Carrier to Send 2 Planes
Send Cargo Planes from the Cargo Aircraft Carrier 3 times
Master Paris Cargo to 2 Stars

mission 3 : be a jet setter goal
Upgrade your Cargo Aircraft Carrier to Send 3 Planes
Master Paris Cargo to 3 Stars
Collect from 15 Private Jets

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