Cityville Contain Yourself Goal Warehouse Upgrade Links

By | February 23, 2012

MORE STORAGE ! You asked for it, so here it is! Upgrade your warehouse today in cityville contain yourself goal to DOUBLE, TRIPLE, or even QUADRUPLE your storage slots!


contain yourself mission requirements :
– ask for 8 deadbolt locks
– quadruple your storage to 115 slots
– place 20 items into storage
rewards : 500,000 coins and 5 zoning permits

warehouse upgrade material links :
level 2 part links :
rolling-cart shelf bungee-cord plastic-bin combination-locks
rolling cart link – shelf link – bungee cord link – plastic bin link – combination locks link

level 3 part links :
tarp cardboard-box wall-mount hanger toolkit
tarp link – cardboard box link – wall mount – hanger link – toolkit link

level 4 part links :
trolley-cart labels bubble-wrap packing-peanuts packing-tape
trolley cart link – labels link – bubble wrap link – packing peanuts link – packing tape link

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  • jenn

    my friend got to the end of the warehouse goal and it says to quadrupel the storage space to 115 slots and it says he has 117 slots available!! where does he go from here cause its not opening up any more of the goal to finish and there is only 10 more days left. please help

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  • corneto

    thats also my problem ive finished upgrading my storage but my quest is still unfinished it said that quadruple ur storage up to 115 my status is 3/4 but im finished upgrading it….

  • david

    i’m having same problem

  • Bruna

    I have that problem too!

  • Ivana

    I have problems upgrading my warehouse, it doesn´t work, I can not upgrade it… Im clicking on the warehouse but nothing shows up, neither can publish those parts to get them neither can send them… Plzzz help it´s only 4 days left and my max storage is 11 items 🙁

  • Ivana

    I need help again, my max storage is 24 and I have 11 items inside the warehouse but it wont accept any more items… And if Im lucky to store something inside it says we have some problems… please refresh your page. Why is that? Plzz fix those issues. Tnx. You solve one of my problems and I expect you to solve another one 🙂

  • Ivana

    I still have the same problem… Can not store anything in my warehouse! I have 11 items inside and max storage is 24 but it wont accept any of things… And every time I try to save something it says saving your city and then please refresh your page but it doesnt save anything!! Please help me fix those things! Tnx

  • Ivana

    For the 3rd day now Im asking for help!! Whats wrong with you ppl, it still doesnt work! Gonna block that cityville and all the zynga games cause nothing works… Problems with both zynga games I play, cityville and farmville also…