Cityville Corner The Market Goals Farmers Market Links

By | May 5, 2012

Open A Farmers Market in cityville corner the market goals !

goal : farmer’s market

Get special crops with premium goods, and great bonuses for your city when you open a fabulous Farmer’s Market!

you can unlock 3 new crops :
heirloom tomat
organic squash


upgrade to level 2 requirements :
– Open Your Farmer’s Market 3 Times
– Master Heirloom Tomatoes to Level 1
– Collect 20 Honey Pots

upgrade to level 3 requirements :
– Open Your Farmer’s Market 9 Times
– Master Organic Squash to Level 1
– Collect 20 Butter Churns

missions requirements :

GOAL: corner the market mission
– Complete the Farmer’s Market
– Open the Farmer’s Market twice
– Harvest Carrots

farmer’s market material links :
basket cooler milk-crate fruit-scale tent-umbrella
basket link – cooler link – milk crate link – fruit scale link – tent umbrella link

open farmers market links :
food-scoop pickle-jar fruit-basket
food scoop link – pickle jar link – fruit basket link

GOAL: fruits of your labor
– Have a Level 2 Farmer’s Market in your city
– Collect Egg Cartons from friends
– Harvest Strawberries

GOAL: the cream of the crop
– Have a Level 3 Farmer’s Market in your city
– Open your Farmer’s Market 6 times
– Harvest Brussel Sprouts
reward : premium grainery


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