Cityville Couture Bandit

By | March 20, 2011

Cityville Couture Bandit is one of the level 2 bandits added with the expansion of the police station. Now how to catch couture bandit ? because you can get 1 new building as reward !

couture bandit in cityville

how to capture couture bandit in cityville ?
To capture a couture bandit, first collect rent from any of your businesses. When collecting rent from a business, you have a random chance of having a bandit appear.
A bandit may require 1 or 2 officer on patrol, she will appear in your city near the business they robbed and walk around the same way the citizens appear except they also have a small box over their head. Click this box to capture them.

couture bandit captured

you can get reward : cityville watch shop in inventory

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