Cityville Crew Center Goals Links

By | July 23, 2012

Get Bonus Crew with cityville crew center goals! Place a Crew Center in your city and start earning Bonus Crew today! Collect up to 50 Bonus Crew for your Community Buildings!


BUILD A CREW CENTER ! Complete and fully upgrade your Crew Center to earn up to 50 Bonus Crew!

mission 1 : place crew center goal
Place the Crew Center
Build the Crew Center
Collect from 100 Businesses


crew center material links :
staff-computer staffing-manual staff-phone stafff-uniform white-board
staff computer link – staffing manual link – staff phone link – staff uniform link – white board link

mission 2 : upgrade crew center goal
Upgrade your Crew Center to Level 2
Collect 10 Whiteboard Markers
Increase Population by 3000

whiteboard markers link

mission 3 : film crew goal
Collect from your Crew Center 5 Times
Collect 20 Instructional Videos
Collect from International Buildings 20 Times

instructional video link

mission 4 : roll call goal
Upgrade your Crew Center to Level 3
Collect from Residences 100 Times
Collect 25 Card Files from Fashion Buildings

staff card file link