Cityville Current Events Goals Electric Company Links

By | April 22, 2012

UNLOCK ELECTRIC COMPANY in cityville current events goals then supply this building !


The electric company increases your energy cap by 2, if you upgrade to Level 4 you can increase cap by 5 and you can also increase your premium goods storage by 2000!!!

here are the missions guide :

GOAL: Current Events Mission
– Place & Complete the Electric Company
– Supply your Electric Company


electric company material links
receiver recuperator condenser turbine cable-spool
receiver link – recuperator link – condenser link – turbine link – cable spool link

GOAL: Power Trip Mission
– Upgrade your Electric Company to level 2
– Collect Premium Goods from your Factory
– Supply your Electric Company 3 consecutive days


GOAL: Electric Slide Mission
– Upgrade your Electric Company to level 3
– Increase your Population by 2000
– Supply your Electric Company 5 consecutive days


GOAL: Take A Power Nap Mission
– Upgrade your Electric Company to level 4
– Build Premium Businesses
– Supply Your Electric Company 7 consecutive days


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