Cityville Districts Are Here Goals European District

By | March 22, 2012

DIVE INTO DISTRICTS in cityville districts are here goals ! Every international city is home to all kinds of unique districts! Build a European District in your city and help save space!

in darling idea quest you need to upgrade neighborhood to second block ! you can place European themed Residences, Businesses, and Community Buildings into European District !

Every big city on earth is home to all kinds of unique districts! Let’s give your city a European District and help you save space!

– Complete the European District
– Collect 15 Banners from crops
– Upgrade your European District Mall to Floor 2 Hint
reward : Italian Plaza Fountain

some parts and staffing needed for upgrade neighborhood, mall and civic center
but sorry no material links available >.< Building for European Mall :
Balalaika Shop
Club del Sol
German Brewery
Italian Restaurant
London Taxi Stand

– Collect 12 Staple Guns from residences
– Upgrade the European Neighborhood to Block 2 : Fill the first block and unlock the second
– Go on 30 neighbor visits to show your European pride!
reward : Soccer Shop

Building for European Neighborhood :
Acuna House
Angelica Apartments
Blarney Stone House
Cambray Cottage
Clayworth Cottage
Delgado Mansion
Diaz House
Garant Apartments
Hardwick House
Kleist Cottage
Mendoza Mansion
Patty’s Place
Shamrock Chateau
Torres Townhouse

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