Cityville Energize Your City Goals Solar Power Plant Links

By | July 7, 2012

Build A Solar Power Plant in cityville energize your city goals! Give your city a boost with a Solar Power Plant and raise your city’s energy cap by 5!


Complete all levels of the Solar Power Plant to increase your maximum energy cap by 5! Each level increases your maximum cap by 1 and getting to Level 4 will increase your maximum cap by 2!

quest requirements :

mission 1: cityville energize your city goal
Ask friends for 15 Mirror Dishes
Place & Complete the Solar Power Plant
Supply your Power Plant

mirror dish link

solar power plant material links :
panel exhaust boiler salt-pipe heater
panel link – exhaust link – boiler link – salt pipe link – heater link

mission 2: made in the shade goal
Ask friends for 20 Solar Sunglasses
Upgrade your Solar Power Plant to Level 2
Harvest 30 Sunflowers

solar sunglasses link

solar power plant level 2 material links :
silver-panel silver-boiler silver-heater silver-exhaust silver-salt-pipe
silver panel link – silver boiler link – silver heater link – silver exhaust link – silver salt pipe link

mission 3: rise and shine goal
Upgrade your Solar Power Plant to Level 3
Increase Your Population by 1000
Upgrade Water Bottling Plant to Level 3

solar power plant level 3 material links :
gold-panel gold-exhaust gold-boiler gold-salt-pipe gold-heater
gold panel link – gold exhaust link – gold boiler link – gold salt pipe link – gold heater link

mission 4: as good as gold goal
Upgrade your Solar Power Plant to Level 4
Collect from Barcelona Cargo Planes 25 Times
Harvest 60 Golden Peas

solar power plant level 4 material links :
platinum-panel platinum-exhaust platinum-boiler platinum-salt-pipe platinum-heater
platinum panel link – platinum exhaust link – platinum boiler link – platinum salt pipe link – platinum heater link


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