Cityville European District Mall

By | March 22, 2012

Cityville European District Mall is a part of european district, where it can hold up to 12 european themed businesses.

in cityville districts are here goal you must upgrade your european district mall to floor 2, where to do that you must fill floor 1 !

european mall materials :
newspaper box
open sign
exit sign
clock tower

1st upgrade: 5 different parts, 5 of each.
2nd upgrade: 5 different parts, 5 of each

what buildings can be fill inside your european mall ?
here are some business building that you can store inside european mall :
Balalaika Shop
Cheese Market
Club del Sol
Cousseau Carriage Co.
Deja Vu Cafe
German Brewery
Italian Restaurant
London Taxi Stand
Nigel’s Guitars
Panini Shop
St. Patty’s Pub
Shamrock Sing-A-Long
Suit Yourself

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  • Paul

    Sing-a-long doesn’t fit in European mall!