Cityville European Neighborhood

By | March 22, 2012

Cityville European Neighborhood is a part of european district, where it can hold up to 12 european themed residences.

in cityville a darling idea goal you must upgrade your european neighborhood to block 2, where to do that you must fill block 1 first

European Neighborhood materials :
fire hydrant
water fountain
red flower bed
vent fan
walkway stones

1st upgrade: 5 different parts, 5 of each.
2nd upgrade: 5 different parts, 5 of each

what buildings can be fill inside your european neighborhood ?
here are some houses building that you can store inside european neighborhood :
Acuna House
Andre’s House
Angelica Apartments
Blarney Stone House
Cambray Cottage
Clayworth Cottage
Delgado Mansion
Diaz House
Estrada Cottage
Garant Apartments
Hardwick House
Kleist Cottage
Marquis House
Mendoza Mansion
Patty’s Place
Shamrock Chateau
Torres Townhouse

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