Cityville Expand to News Helicopter

By | November 27, 2011

Get to the Chopper timed goal! Reach for the sky and put a News Helicopter in your city! Finish faster for better rewards! on this new timed mission you must have a cityville expand to news helicopter

where to find news helicopter in cityville ?
you can click show me button on the quest, and it will bring you to the news helicopter position and if you already expand to this area it will counted 🙂

here’s the detail for this mission :
Get to the Chopper Timed Quest (5 days/120 hours for Gold)
– Ask Friends for 20 News Cameras (wall post; Give 1/Get 1 type)
– Expand to News Helicopter
find it on top left of your map (from train station)
unlock this expansion and you’ll soaring above the city in no time!

– Collect from Level 3 Television Tower 3 times


Gold (5 days/120 hours)
News Helicopter
10,000 coins

7,500 coins
5 Energy

5,000 coins

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