Cityville Find The Pins Goals Mascot House Links

By | August 7, 2012

Prizes for Pins in cityville find the pins goals with mascot house! Find as many Mascots and CityVille Games Pins as you can in your city to win great prizes!


CV Games Mascot : I’ve hidden a pin nearby! Collect from buildings to find it!

The CityVille Games Mascots are playing a game of their own! They’re hiding CV Games Pins and they want you to find them!

mission 1 : find the pins goal
Place the Mascot House : They have to live somewhere
Ask Friends for 20 Pin Books : This will help you hold on to the Pins
Finish the Country Pin Collection : Collect from buildings near mascots

MASCOT HOUSE ! Mascots are hiding in CityVille! More mascots means more chances to find Game Pins!

mascot house material links :
cyan pink yellow
cyan link – pink link – yellow link

blue green red
blue link – green link – red link

beige orange purple
beige link – orange link – purple link

When you see a Mascot, you can look for Pins in the buildings nearby! You get rewards every time you find one!

countries collection links :
italian-flag-pin spanish-flag-pin english-flag-pin french-flag-pin german-flag-pin
italian flag pin – spanish flag pin – english flag pin – french flag pin – german flag pin

mission 2 : welcome mat goal
Upgrade Mascot House to Level 2 : More Mascots means more Pins
Collect from Archery Abode 5 Times : You seem right at home here
Finish the Sports Pin Collection : You’re a Pin magnet

sports collection links :
track-and-field-pin gymnastic-sports-pin swimming-sports-pin basketball-sports-pin tennis-sports-pin
track and field pin – gymnastic sports pin – swimming sports pin – basketball sports pin – tennis sports pin

mission 3 : pin number goal
Upgrade Mascot House to Level 4 : This place is packed
Supply City Souvenirs 10 Times : Collect the Tennis Court Pin to be awarded this building
Finish the Flower Pin Collection : You’re almost done

flowers collection links :
rose-flower-pin sunflower-pin daisy-flower-pin tulip-flower-pin lily-flower-pin
rose flower pin – sunflower pin – daisy flower pin – tulip flower pin – lily flower pin

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