Cityville Fish For Compliments Goal Cod Cove Links

By | March 2, 2012

Cod Cove Island Fever ! In cityville fish for compliments goal the fishing industry is big business! Let’s make an English inspired fishing island with Premium Goods Factory!


mission requirements :
– Collect Cod Cove parts
– Ask your friends for 10 Fishing Lures
– Place Cod Cove

you can only place cod cove in the water, and this quest is still related with aloha island 🙂

will update when i got the koi cove material links for you guys!

here are the cod cove island materials :
fishing-net-link buoy-link crab-box-link fishing-hat-link glass-buoy-link
fishing net link – buoy link – crab box link – fishing hat link – glass buoy link

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