Cityville Food Festival Goals

By | May 20, 2011

Cityville Food Festival Goals ! Welcome to the International Food Festival! It’s a fresh, fun and delicious new quest in CityVille!

To unlock this quest you must complete the “Build a Residence” Quest.

here are the requirements for each mission :

cityville food festival goal
– Harvest 25 Strawberries
– Harvest 30 Corn
– Gather 3 Eggplant Collection items.

cityville festival recipes goal
– Ask friends for 8 Skewers
– Collect 5 times from any Bakery in your city
– Collect 3 times from any French Restaurant in your city

cityville food for thought goal
– Visit 8 Friends
– Collect from any 4 neighbor’s Modern Chateaus
– Collect from any French Restaurant 3 times

cityville pigeons fest goal
– Have 1 Greek restaurant in your city
– Collect from any 5 Greek Restaurants in your city
– Send Tour Busses to 4 Neighbor’s Diners

cityville festival time goal
– Have 1 Thai Restaurant in your city
– Collect 4 times from any Thai Restaurant in your city
– Place 3 decorations in your city

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