Cityville Get Awesome Rewards Goals Bubble Safari Links

By | June 17, 2012

Play Bubble Safari start with cityville get awesome rewards goals! Keep Playing Bubble Safari to get Awesome Rewards like Nanaue Tree House and Bubble Safari Museum !


Now that you have the Bubble Safari Monkey in your city, get him to keep raising your population!

bubble-safari-reward bubble-safari-reward bubble-safari-reward

quest requirements :

mission 1 : get awesome rewards goal
Ask friends for Bananas
Place the Bubble Safari Monkey
Complete Level 6 in Bubble Safari to increase your max population
bananas link

mission 2 : her name is rio goal
Ask friends for Bubbles
Collect from Rio Routes
Complete Level 18 in Bubble Safari
reward : Nanaue Tree House
bubble link

mission 3 : claim this reward goal
Ask friends for Coconuts
Upgrade Zoo Cafeteria
Complete Level 42 in Bubble Safari
reward : Bubble Safari Museum
coconut link

mission 4 : it’s within reach goal
Ask friends for Hummingbirds
Complete Level 50 in Bubble Safari
reward : Amazon Abode
hummingbird link