Cityville Harvest Hotel

By | July 18, 2011

Some players already ask me how to harvest hotel in cityville or how to collect from resort hotel ?
first let’s take a look at your hotel
floriin’s beach hotel

when you hover your hotel you can see the tool tip to invite and upgrade guests, how many your hotel guests you have x/500, also a green circle !
you must fill in your hotel until it got 500 guests in order to harvest your hotel, how to get gursts faster for your hotel ?
there should be a green circle when you hover over it, that is the radius of what is influenced, the more businessess, the more people will show up, if you have a cruise Ship, that helps too

on part 3 of hotel quest in cityville :
cruise control goal or we’re decking the competition mission you need to collect from resort hotel 4 times

and also one of the requirement to upgrade your hotel resort :
harvest your hotel 10 times

tips from Korgano from how to harvest hotel in cityville :
When you have 500 guests in your hotel, you can harvest it like a business or a residence. How to get guests:
* From cruise ships
* From your neighbors checking in
* Supplying a business within the circle around your hotel. Some of the customers going to that business will additionally pay a visit to your hotel.

it’s very hard to get a hotel harvest, additionally you only get 2,500 coins and you need to remove important decorations from the businesses that you need to supply which results in a loss of money.

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  • desa chan

    Hi, I need help!!

    I accidentally deleted luxury hotel on my account. will it be possible for me to purchase it? or have it as one of my tasks again? Pls help me out!