Cityville Hat Trick Goal

By | December 2, 2011

The Mighty Pucks! Hit the ice and make cityville hat trick goal to play a little hockey in your city!


Finish this mission faster to receive the Frozen Lake!

timed quest requirements :
– Gather 16 Hockey Sticks
– Send 75 Tour Buses
– Collect from 4 Grade Schools


hokey stick request :
This is a stick up!
Well, kind of. It’d be a lot more believable if I had an actual stick. Got any hockey sticks I could have?!
Send Hockey Stick

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  • Unhappy

    how are we supposed to complete this goal in the time limit allowed

    collecting from 4 grade schools – they are community buildings and take 24hrs between collections. I made 4x24hrs, allowing that you can collect immediately which when you go to school and have school clubs isn’t always possible! – 96hrs

    not good zynga, I think you want us to use citycash to complete goal and that IS NOT FAIR

  • Mishka

    Build another Grade school before you start the mission. Start the mission when you are ready to collect from both schools. This goal can be completed in 24 hrs & 1 second.

  • Annie

    Why can’t I collect any hockey sticks? I can’t believe that one of my friends didn’t try to help me??