Cityville Help Mrs. Claus Knitting Society Links

By | December 15, 2011

Help Mrs. Claus build cityville knitting society! I need my Knitting Society to knit up warm clothes for the winter!

What will the children do without their stockings? What will Santa do without his Christmas Sweaters?!!

requirements to unlock the second holiday town gate :
– Gather parts to help build Mrs. Claus’ Knitting Society
– Master Mistletoe to 2 stars
– Upgrade an Egg Nog Shop to level 3

tips :
Mistletoe can be found in the Build Menu
Egg Nog Shops can be found in the Build Menu

knitting society materials links to request part faster :
yarn link – knitting needles link – scissors link
yarn-link knitting-needles-link scissors-link
twine-link pattern-link
twine link – pattern link

Once completed, Mrs. Claus’ Knitting Society allows for an additional 4,500 population.

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