Cityville Higher Ratings Goals Downtown TV Tower Links

By | April 22, 2012

Once you have the Downtown TV Tower in cityville higher ratings goals, you will have proven that you should be manning the controls!


The big Fashion Show was such a success that some producers want to turn it into a television series in these quests :

goal 1 : higher ratings mission
Expand to the Downtown TV Tower
reward : downtown tv tower (premium business)

goal 2 : small screen success mission
Place & Complete the Downtown TV Tower
Collect from Level 3 Observatory 3x
Harvest 25 Crops
rewards : 3 zoning permits + 1000 premium goods

downtown tv tower material links :
uplink-truck bike board camera headset
uplink truck link – bike link – board link – camera link – headset link

goal 3 : increase population mission
Increase your population to early unlock the Downtown TV Tower