Cityville Jumbo Cruise Port Goals Hawaiian Shirt Links

By | August 4, 2012

Jump On Jumbo Cruise Ports! Save space on your waterfront and bring more tourists to your city with the Cityville Jumbo Cruise Port!

The Jumbo Cruise Port contains a huge cruise ship which helps save space and gets better as you upgrade!

quest walkthrough :

mission 1: place your port goal
Place and Complete a Level 1 Jumbo Cruise Port on your coastline
Harvest from 5 Hotels
Ask friends for 15 Bottles of Champagne

hawaiian shirt links :
blue-hawaiian-shirt green-hawaiian-shirt orange-hawaiian-shirt red-hawaiian-shirt yellow-hawaiian-shirt

mission 2: follow suit goal
Upgrade your Jumbo Cruise Port to Level 2
Ask friends for 20 Swimsuits
Harvest 50 Rice Crops

mission 3: cruise control goal
Upgrade your Jumbo Cruise Port to Level 3
Send & Harvest 4 Mediterranean Cruises
Collect 25 Jumbo Shrimp Cocktails from Restaurants

Jumbo Cruise Port
Level 1 – holds 4 ships of tourists
Level 2 – holds 10 ships of tourists
Level 3 – holds 16 ships of tourists
Level 4 – holds 20 ships of tourists
Level 5 – holds 25 ships of tourists

Jumbo Cruise Ship

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