Cityville Land Ho Goal Lighthouse

By | December 7, 2011

Bring home the beacon in cityville land ho goal! Become a master mariner and a have a Lighthouse for your city! Finish faster for better rewards!

get a lighthouse as a reward from this timed quest ! so you can help rusty and his crow make safe voyages

task requirements :
– Ask friends for 22 Lighthouse Reflectors
– Expand to the Lighthouse
– Collect from Level 2 Aquarium 4 times
reward : lighthouse

here’s the request feed post for lighthouse reflector :
Sail Ho!
The salty ocean air has weathered these eyes. Could you help an old sailor see the journey ahead by sending over a Lighthouse Reflector?
Send Lighthouse Reflector

and if you need zoning permit, request using this link :

and here’s the lighthouse position you need to expand

rewards :
gold : lighthouse + 12000 coins
silver : 8000 coins + 6 energy
bronze : 5500 coins

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  • Annoyed

    don’t bother starting this goal until zynga fix their zoning permit glitch

    the zoning permits have disappeared from the free gift page and there is no way you can expand your city out to the lighthouse without them!!!!! especially when you need 40 just for one new zone! you’ll need at least 80 for this timed goal (if not more) and the max you can have stored up is 60 unless you want to pay citycash for them!

  • Randy S.

    1) Repost Zoning Permit help daily.
    2) Have all your neighbors do the same. (6 neighbors all doing this means you will get 10 permits per day, 5 from your friends, and 5 from helping your friends).
    3) Work with a friend / neighbor – Wish List the Zoning Permit, have him refresh his My Neighbors screen, and Gift you a Zoning Permit. Refresh your game, wish list again, rinse and repeat.