Cityville Light The Fuse Missions

By | July 30, 2012

Carry The Torch in cityville light the fuse missions! Put your city on the map by hosting the 2012 CityVille Games!

You now have an amazing opportunity to put your city on the map for a long time! Get ready to host the CityVille Games!

The Opening Ceremonies need to go out with a bang! So let’s go ask your friends for Pyrotechnics!

quest requirements :
goal 1 : light the fuse mission
Ask for 12 Pyrotechnics
Harvest 30 Sugar Cane
Place & Complete the Ceremony Hall

goal 2 : on the right track mission
Collect 12 Athlete Posters from Residences
Build 4 Athlete Apartments
Supply 40 Businesses

goal 3 : reach for the sky mission
Ask for Games Jackets
Collect from 8 Private Jets
Collect from 4 Level 3 Ceremony Hall
reward : opening ceremonies decoration