Cityville Lorenzo Missions

By | March 24, 2011

Cityville Lorenzo Missions ! Get ready to welcome Lorenzo’s family to your City!

lorenzo mission in cityville

Spice it up with Italian Style decorations, businesses, homes and more before they arrive! Start completing these exciting new quests today for the chance to unlock great rewards!

there are 4 lorenzo family goals, here are the list of lorenzo quest :

cityville lorenzo’s family mission
– harvest 20 eggplants
– ask friends for 3 welcome gifts (post feed)
– send tour buses to 4 neighbor’s bakeries
reward : unlock tomatoes crop

cityville house the family mission
– collect from 6 neighbors’ terraced brownstone houses
– place 1 stylish contemporary house
– collect from any 2 banks in your city
reward : unlock panini shop

cityville family value mission
– Collect from any Panini Shop 5 times in your city
– have 4 Street Flags in your city
– find 1 fried tomato from the tomato collection (new crop)

cityville sneezy niece mission
– collect from any emergency clinic 2 times in your city
– collect from any toy Stores 6 times in your city
– ask friends for 8 get well cards (post feed)
reward : unlock pizzeria

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