Cityville Major Pigeon Invasion Mission

By | June 14, 2011

Cityville Major Pigeon Invasion ! Pesky Pigeons have taken over City Hall! Get your friends to help you soo them away before it needs a new coat of paint!

This feature is only available to players that own a City Hall and are Level 15+.

Get your City Hall Staff Members to help repel the pigeons! The more friends who help, the better the rewards! Hurry, they only have a limited time to respond!

You will have a limited time (24 hours) from when you click ‘Start Mission’ to complete the quest. DO NOT start it until you are ready

what you need to do for major pigeon invasion mission :
– You have 24 hours with a Level 1 or 2 City Hall, or 48 hours with a Level 3.
– Ask your City Hall staff members to help repel the pigeons.
– Your reward will increase depending on how many staff members help.
– The amount of responses required will vary based on your City Hall upgrade level.

Post a help request to your staff members’ walls, leave a personalized message if you want!
When you send a request:
– Your request is posted on your friends’ wall.
– If they request CityVille e-mails, a reminder will also be sent to their inbox.

Hello xxx, visit Olive’s City Hall!
Help Olive shoo away the pigeons before time runs out and get your reward!

Help Out

Rewards : The amount of replies needed will change depending on your City Hall upgrade level.
Prize Level 1: 10,000 Coins
Prize Level 2: 40 Experience
Prize Level 3: 3 Zoning Permits

Each prize level will stack, meaning if you get to level 2, you get the first prize AND the second prize!

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