Cityville Make A Wave Goals Water Park Rides

By | June 21, 2012

Finish cityville make a wave goals to start place all the 4 Water Park Rides to get a Max Pop of 4000. Water Rides can be placed both on Land and Water.


here are the list of water park rides in cityville :
Build Wave Pool to get a Max Pop of 300 population
Build Water Slides to get a Max Pop of 700 population
Build Tunnels to get a Max Pop of 1000 population
Build Speed Slide to get a Max Pop of 2000 population
wave-pool water-slides tunnels speed-slide

quest requirements :

mission 1 : make a wave goal
Ask for 5 Water Tickets
Place and Build the Wave Pool
Upgrade Aquarium to Level 2

water ticket link

mission 2 : sink or swim goal
Ask for 5 Water Toys
Place and Build the Water Slide
Harvest 10 Water Melon

water toy link

mission 3 : let’s keep collecting goal
Ask for 7 Water Pumps
Place and Build the Water Tunnel
Collect 15 Water Toys from Business

pump link

mission 4 : let’s keep building goal
Ask for 20 Water Motors
Place and Build the Speed Slides
Harvest 60 Cranberries

motor link

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