Cityville More Dam Energy Goals Upgrade Dam Links

By | May 12, 2012

Upgrade Your Dam in cityville more dam energy goals! A hard rainfall has made your Dam overflow! Upgrade it to increase your city’s energy cap and get a Water Tower!

quest requirements :

mission 1 : more dam energy goal
– Upgrade Dam to Level 2 : Upgrade your Dam to increase your energy cap by 9
– Harvest Rice Crops : The extra rain was a blessing for your crops
– Increase Energy Cap by 8 : Supply Dam daily to increase your energy cap

dam level 2 material links :
Silver Rotor link
Silver Canal Lock link
Silver Flood Gate link
Silver Generator link
Silver Turbine link

mission 2 : upgrade the dam again goal
– Upgrade Dam to Level 3 : Increase your energy cap by 1
– Collect from a Level 3 Aquraium : All that excess water is being put to good use
– Ask for Tourist Telescopes : People love going on the dam tour

dam level 3 parts links :
Gold Rotor link
Gold Canal Lock link
Gold Flood Gate link
Gold Generator link
Gold Turbine link

mission 3 : you’re my dam hero goal
– Ask friends for Water Cans : Your crops are thirsty
– Increase Energy Cap by 9 : Supply Dam daily to increase your energy cap
– Build two Level 4 Red Barns : You’re winning the storage wars

reward : water tower

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