Cityville Movie Star Bella Bennett Goals

By | May 12, 2011

Cityville Movie Star Bella Bennett Goals ! roll out the red carpet and finish the new movie star quest to get rewards : thrilling chase, frog pond, and artichoke

bella bennett in cityville

here are the requirement list for movie star goals :

part 1 : cityville star in the city goal
– Collect from any Hotel Suite in your city 1x
– Have 1 Television Tower in your city
– Ask friends for 3 Autograph books

part 2 : cityville luxury shopping goal
– Collect from any 40 Businesses in your city
– Collect from any neighbor’s Cosmetic Store 5x
– Gather 1 Boot from the Designer Collection

part 3 : cityville recipe for success goal
– Harvest 30 Eggplants
– Harvest 50 Artichokes
– Collect from any French Restaurant in your city 3x

part 4 : cityville meet the star goal
– Ask friends for 7 Sweets
– Collect from any 10 neighbor’s Burger Joints
– Collect from any Pool Hall in your city 5x

part 5 : cityville shooting star goal
– Have 1 Frog Pond in your city
– Ask friends for 3 Movie Poster
– Visit 15 neighbors and tell them the news

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