Cityville No Autographs Goals City Sign Links

By | June 24, 2012

Reach For The Stars in cityville no autographs goals! Upgrade city sign to level 5 and Help Bella rub elbows with the other celebrities in your city today!


quest walkthrough guide :

mission 1 : no autographs goal
Have a Level 5 City Sign
Ask friends for 20 Celebrity Autographs
Collect from 25 Premium Businesses

city sign material links :
letter-stand steel-outline white-plastic-sheet brace
letter stand link – steel outline link – white plastic sheet link – brace link

mission 2 : nail the audition goal
Supply 25 Chic Boutique
Collect from 6 Sprawling Mansion
Send 5 cargo ships to Dubai Direct

mission 3 : give me some props goal
Collect from 40 City Sign Houses
Have Level 3 Theater Prop Shop
Have 5 Deluxe Cruisers
reward : backlot movie studio