Cityville Over And Out Goals Equality District Links

By | August 9, 2012

Accepting all Buildings in cityville over and out goals ! Save even more space with the new Equality District! It accepts any residence, business, or community building!


An Equality District can house up to 36 residences, businesses and community buildings.

quest walkthrough guide :

mission 1 : over and out goal
Place the Equality District : Equality District takes ALL businesses, community buildings and residences
Ask your friends for 10 Walkie Talkies : Can you hear me now?
Upgrade your Equality District Neighborhood to Block 2 : Imagine how much space you can save

equality district neighborhood links :
flowers lawn-ornament picket-fence sprinkler stone-walkway

mission 2 : on the ground floor goal
Ask friends for 15 Phonebooks : Give me your digits
Upgrade your Equality District Mall to Floor 2 : I’m kind of a mall rat
Collect from 10 Mars Missions : You can launch missions from the space shuttle Launch Pad

equality district mall links :
gold-cement gold-nails gold-screws gold-wrench display-case bench escalator gold-hammer

mission 3 : knock on wood goal
Ask friends for 20 Door Knockers : Don’t knock it till you try it
Upgrade your Equality District Civic Center to Floor 3 : I’m floored by your dedication
Collect from 50 Businesses : You’re in business now

equality district civic center links :
judge's-mallet lawbook ledger stenotype tax-forms