Cityville Place The Plaza Goals Equality Plaza Links

By | June 29, 2012

Place Equality Plaza in cityville place the plaza goals! Place Equality Plaza in your city so you can store any and all Community Buildings!


quest requirements walkthrough :

mission 1 : place the plaza goal
Collect Equality Plaza Parts
Place Equality Plaza
Increase your population by 2000


equality plaza material links :
purple-flag red-flag skylight lobby-mailbox glass-elevator
purple flag link – red flag link – skylight link – lobby mailbox link – glass elevator link

mission 2 : find some fountains goal
Ask friends for 15 Fountains
Upgrade your Equality Plaza to Level 2
Unload 10 Cruise Ships

mission 3 : let’s do lunch goal
Ask friends for 20 Peanut Vendors
Upgrade your Equality Plaza to Level 3
Collect from 20 Community Buildings

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