Cityville Political Party Goal Prepare For The Party

By | December 10, 2011

It’s Good To Be Governor! So Prepare for the party in cityville political party goal ! Get sworn into office and make it your goal to have a Governor’s Mansion in your city today!


mission requirements :
– Place the Governor’s Mansion
– Complete the Governor’s Mansion

Prepare for the party :
– Gather parts to unlock your Governor’s Mansion

governors mansion materials links :
appetizers link
petit four link
flutes link
party supplies link
handkerchief link

– Upgrade One Metropolis crop to 3 stars
choose these one of these crops :
Coffee, Golden Carrots, and Golden Peas

– Upgrade one Metropolis business to 2 stars
choose one of these buildings :
Body of Work, Intent Insurance, Sale-Mart, Intuition Technologies, Mega Nail Salon

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