Cityville Power Through Goals Youth Athletics Center Links

By | August 6, 2012

Get On Your Mark in cityville power through goals! Put your city on the map by competing in the 2012 CityVille Games!

there are 2 buildings you need to finish for this quest :
Athletics Closet
Youth Athletics Center

and for final reward you’ll get a Champions Mansion !

goals walkthrough :

mission 1 : power through goal
Ask for 14 Power Juice
Place & Build The Athletics Closet (business)
Collect from The Athletics Closet 30x

power juice link

mission 2 : be a good sport goal
Build Youth Athletics Center
Harvest 50 Carrots
Collect from 50 Neighbors’ Residences

Youth Athletics Center material links :
massive-speakers screen-material aluminum-frame av-equipment projector-bulbs
massive speakers link – screen material link – aluminum frame link – av equipment link – projector bulbs link

mission 3 : you deserve a medal goal
Ask friends for 20 Whistles
Collect from 40 CityVille Games Buildings
Upgrade the Youth Athletics Center to Level 3

whistles link

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