Cityville Private Eyes Goals Detective Training Center Links

By | July 6, 2012

Get A Clue in cityville private eyes goals! Get your friends to join you in some detective work and build detective training center so you can find clues and win mysterious prizes!

Something mysterious is going on in your city! Get your friends to join you in finding clues and solving the mystery!

If you find all the clues and solve the mystery, you’ll unlock mysterious prizes! Come on! Let’s get going!

mission 1 : private eyes goal
– Ask friends for Spy Glasses
– Solve 5 Clues :
– Collect From Community Buildings
hint : Find clues by collecting from businesses, residences, and community buildings!
spy glasses link

mission 2 : mustache stash goal
– Upgrade the Detective Training Center to Level 3
– Solve 15 Clues
– Collect Mustaches from the Detective Training Center

tips : Solve clues by gathering your friends as detectives!
moustache link

detective training center material links :
spy-newspaper spy-camera footprint gloves secret-files
spy newspaper link – spy camera link – footprint link – gloves link – secret files link

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