Cityville Private Jet Terminal Missions Links

By | April 6, 2012

Build and finish Cityville Private Jet Terminal Missions to bring V.I.P.s to your city and earn bonus coins, goods, and population!

here are some guide for this new item :

new npc and V.I.P. Charter bonus :
Special Agent Adrian : Washington D.C. – community buildings bonus
Ronaldo the Rancher : Buenos Aires – crop harvests bonus
Dr. Noggenbender : Geneva – shipping route and cargo plane unloading bonus
Bella Bennett : cannes – increase population drop rates bonus
Jin the Executive : hong kong – huge coin bonuses

– Complete the Private Jet Terminal of your Airport
– Unload 5 Private Jets
– Use 1 V.I.P. Bonus in your city

material links :
V.I.P. Pass link
First Class Seat link
Paparazzi Photo link
Airplane Pillow link
Carry-On Luggage link

– Master 1 V.I.P. Charter to 1 Star
– Unload 10 Vacation Planes
– Collect 20 Cargo Manifests from Cargo Planes or Ask Friends

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