Cityville Put It To The Test Goals Research Lab Links

By | July 17, 2012

Prepare For Launch in cityville put it to the test goals and get space command center ! Put your city on the map with an out of this world Space Program today!


here are the quest requirements walkthrough :

mission 1 : put it to the test goal
Ask for 12 Test Tubes
Collect from 3 Research Lab
Supply the Wind Farm 5 times

research lab material links :
lab-coat petri-dish hazmat-suit microscope wind-tunnel
lab coat link – petri dish link – hazmat suit link – microscope link – wind tunnel link

mission 2 : the right stuff goal
Collect 15 Lab Samples from Ships
Harvest 25 Peas
Collect 4 times from your Level 2 Aquarium

mission 3 : start the countdown goal
Ask for 22 Research Grants
Have a Launch Pad
Collect 3 times from Level 3 Television Tower

reward : space command center

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