Cityville Rake It In Goals Upgrade Farmers Market

By | July 10, 2012

Corner The Market in cityville rake it in goals! Upgrade your city’s Farmer Market so you can plant premium crops and get amazing rewards!


quest requirements :

mission 1: rake it in goal
Upgrade Farmer’s Market
Ask for 20 Rakes
Collect from 10 Greenhouses

farmer’s market level 2 requirements :
20 Honey Pots
Opening the Market 3x – open cityville farmer’s market links
Mastering Heirloom Tomatoes to Level 1

mission 2: squash the competition goal
Harvest 50 Organic Squashs
Ask for 30 Hoes
Open your Farmer’s Market 10 times

mission 3: upgrade your market goal
Upgrade your Farmer’s Market
Ask for 40 Trowels
Harvest 100 Heirloom Tomatoes

farmer’s market level 3 requirements :
20 Butter Churns
Opening the Market 9 times
Mastering Organic Squash to Level 1