Cityville Ranch Dressing Missions Pony Ranch

By | August 25, 2012

Giddyup to the Pony Ranch in cityville ranch dressing missions! Build a complete Pony Ranch for your citizens and earn 1,000,000 coins!!


there material links is not available 😐 though the xml name is available :
material_red_pony : Prancing Pony
material_purple_pony : Rainbow Pony
material_black_pony : Ebony Pony
material_white_pony : Silver Pony
material_pink_pony : Princess Pony
material_blue_pony : Party Pony

i’ve tried the code and it doesn’t work, so you need to ask manualy

quest requirements :

goal 1: ranch dressing mission
Build the Pony Ranch : Giddy Up
Build 2 Ranch Buildings : They have a chance of dropping Ponies
Upgrade your Pony Ranch to Level 3 : Get Ponies from Ranch Buildings or ask friends

goal 2: pony up mission
Ask friends for 12 Friendship Sparkles : The magic of friendship will entice the unicorn
Collect from 15 Ranch Buildings : Make sure everything’s ready for the unicorn
Complete Level 6 of the Pony Ranch : Get Ponies from Ranch Buildings or ask friends

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