Cityville Red Carpet Gala Missions RSVP Link

By | May 25, 2012

A Red Carpet Event in cityville red carpet gala missions ! Throw the Event of the Year and earn awesome Red Carpet worthy prizes like the ultimate Billionaire Yacht!

Get ready for the Red Carpet Gala with the all new Celebrity and Gala inspired items! Get yours now!

here are the goals guide :

mission 1: red carpet gala goal
– Place and complete the Red Carpet Gala
– Collect 12 Attendees
– Build 3 Red Carpet Houses

Throw a huge Downtown Gala for great rewards! Get everyone to come and receive the ultimate reward! Ask friends to help you invite guests!
New Donations ! use RSVP link for your Red Carpet Gala! More RSVPs mean more prizes

mission 2: party favors goal
– Ask friends for 18 party favors
– Upgrade the Red Carpet Gala to Level 3
– Collect from Tower Eats 20 times

mission 3: life of the party goal
– Collect from Red Carpet Houses 12 times
– Collect the 12 VIPs
– Visit 30 neighbors

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