Cityville Redwood Trees

By | August 9, 2011

For gold or silver reward in cityville take a hike quest you can get a redwood trees decoration

one happy camper rewards : unlocks redwood trees

where to find redwood trees in cityville ?
there’s an issue for this item for some players, because of the new build menu where you can sort items you want to see by various categories plus a new search option

you can start the limited mission after you see this pop up
the counter time start after you click start

now remember to achieve gold or silver to unlocked redwood trees

you can find this reward on build > decorations last page
it give you bonus +4% payout to residences & businesses

but some of players can’t find it on their build menu because of the updated build menu

the super moderator on cityville forum explain this problem
Hello Citizens,
The redwoods have always been on the very last page of the old build menu and are still there.
The missing Redwoods in the new Market is a known issue and it is being looked into. I’ll post again when I have more info.
Thank you,

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