Cityville Rocket Fuel

By | July 12, 2012

One of the requirements to finish space invaders mission you need to collect 20 cityville rocket fuel from space station buildings
how to get rocket fuel in cityville ?
You can get rocket fuel by collecting from the Space themed Buildings !
find it on the market with space theme

unfortunately there’s no rocket fuel link to request available.. i already tried “quest_item_rocket_fuel” from xml but it’s not working 😐 so collect manually from now.

here are the space shuttle buildings :
– solar temple
– astrology house
– space observatory
– shuttle supply depot
– space museum
– space age house

also to complete cityville space shuttle you will need to collect Shuttle Plans, parts and Rocket Fuel, alternatively, you can purchase them with City Cash
complete it so you can get ready for space exploration ! because you can preparing for launch to :
moon mission
mars mission
jupiter mission
saturn mission
mission to sun

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