Cityville Rose Garden Missions

By | September 19, 2011

Everything’s Coming Up Roses! Put on your rose colored glasses and make it your goal to plant some gardens in cityVille rose garden missions today!

complete all quest for great garden prizes like garden gnome 🙂

here are the requirements for each goal :

part 1 : beat around the bush mission
– Place Rose Garden
– Plant a Rose in the Garden

part 2 : a thorn in your side mission
– Ask friends for 3 Shovels
– Have 3 Gardens in your City
– Water your Gardens 5 times

part 3 : pushin up daisies mission
– Get 10 Rose Bushes
– Have 1 Rose collection item from the Garden Collection (flower kiosk)
– Place one Rose Garden Gate in your city

part 4 : dish some dirt mission
– Ask friends for 4 Vases
– Have 7 Roses Planted in your Gardens
– Have an upgraded Flower Kiosk

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