Cityville Run For Governor Mission

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Get ready for cityville run for governor mission, because you’ll be governor if you have enough votes!

Governor Phil kicked out! Krunsch runs for office! Governor’s Race is start now !

start your campaign by helping rita to get her vote in this quest, here are the requirements for each governor missions :

farm aid goal
cityville mission
– Ask friends for 10 bags of Animal Feed
– Master Alfalfa crop
– Have 3000 Goods

pest control goal
cityville creating a buzz mission
– Ask friends for 15 Organic Locust Spray
– Harvest 80 new Locust resistant Blackberries
– Harvest 50 Neighbor Crops

fruit stand and deliver goal
cityville farmer charmer mission
– Ask for 20 Fruit Cartons
– Collect from 7 Cruise Ships
– Collect from Produce Paradise 10 times

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