Cityville Run Like The Wind Goals Upgrade Wind Farm Links

By | June 13, 2012

Upgrade your Wind Farm in cityville run like the wind goals! It will increase your city’s Energy Cap by 7! Come on! Let’s go!

goal : upgrade the wind farm

First Upgrade your Wind Farm to Level 2! It will increase your Energy cap by 6! quest requirements :

mission 1 : run like the wind goal
– Expand and Build your Wind Farm
– Upgrade Wind Farm to Level 2
– Harvest Sun Flowers

upgrade wind farm level 2 material links :
silver-brake-pads silver-petition silver-tower silver-blades silver-windvane
silver brake pads link – silver petition link – silver tower link – silver blades link – silver windvane link

mission 2 : power to the people goal
– Ask for Sun Glasses
– Upgrade Wind Farm to Level 3
– Harvest 30 Mushrooms

upgrade wind farm level 3 parts links :
gold-brake-pads gold-petition gold-tower gold-blades gold-windvane
gold brake pads link – gold petition link – gold tower link – gold blades link – gold windvane link

mission 3 : tall drink of water goal
– Ask friends for Water Cans
– Harvest Crops from any Level 2 Greenhouse
– Harvest Golden Peas

After upgrading your Wind Farm and watering your crops, you really went on a power trip! Great job!

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