Cityville Save The Holidays Act 2 Goals Low Elf Esteem

By | December 14, 2011

Make it your goal to get Santa’s reindeer ready for the big night so the Holidays can take flight in CityVille Save The Holidays Act 2 Goals : Low Elf Esteem today!

when you finish all the 3 missions, you’ll get reindeer barn (can store 10,000 goods) as reward 🙂

there are 3 quests :
part 1 : a shoe in
part 2 : hang on for deer life
part 3 : party fowl

here are the requirements and rewards :

– Ask friends for 12 Elf Hats
– Unlock 1 Holiday Town Gate
– Collect 20 Holiday Cheer from Residences
reward : caroling crew

– Ask friends for 16 Reindeer Harnesses
– Collect 5 times from Flying Reindeer Stable
Collect 10 Holiday Lights from Community Buildings
reward : cozy winter cottage

– Ask friends for 20 Ornaments
– Check into 10 Hotels
– Harvest 10 Ships to the North Pole
reward : 10,000 goods

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  • Elisa

    Hi, I’ve collected from more than 50 houses but I haven’t found any holiday cheer yet. Should I collect from something specifically? Maybe I did’t understand the mission, cause I’m not an English speaking…”collect from residences” means from houses? condos? help, please…

    • admin

      yes you are right, only the drop rate for holiday cheer is very low.. so it’s rare

  • panchhi

    unlock one holiday town gate, what that means?

    I could see 4 expansion with the snow things. one of them called mrs. claus’ knitting society I already unlock but the goal is still there. can anyone help me?

    • admin

      i think you must unlock one of 4 holiday town by finishing the goals for each expansion

  • Faran

    You have to complete holiday town gate quests. They are total 4 quests. other unlocked parts have different quests.

  • Anon

    Personally I think this is one of the worse goals cityville has come up with! Its far too complicated and is proving impossible! Its no longer a challenge, its becoming overbearing and unenjoyable!

    I ended up collecting from about 50 houses initially to generate one christmas cheer drop! After a few days of frustration the drop rate seems to have altered to about a drop from every 20 houses harvested

    this entire goal is far far too big, far far too complicated!!!

    too many zoning permits to collect (especially when they are no longer on the free gift page), too many items to collect (especially when my friends are getting fed up with posts requests and are blocking cityville apps requests), too many crops to harvest, too many houses to collect from, too many businesses to get to level 2 or 3, and too many community buildings to collect from – so all in all, it is using far too much energy and is really reducing my enjoyment of the game ;o(

    • admin

      i agree with you anon, and wait until you see act 3..