Cityville Saved By The Bell Upgrade a Library

By | September 9, 2011

A lot of people can’t move on to the next part of cityville back to school goals because one of the requirements doesn’t count or credited
it’s part 3 : study hall of fame goal
or also known as saved by the bell

here’s the task for this mission :
upgrade a library
– collect from any library 2 times
– have a crossing guard in your city


many players already have library upgraded to level 3 and it doesn’t count, they have tried build another library and upgrade to level 2 still.. not finish the quest 🙁

today i look again on the forum and found this :
Back To School Quest – Updated 09/08/2011 at 12:16
Hello Citizens,
Some of you have recently contacted us regarding the Back To School Quest and specifically regarding Upgrading your Library.

This mission requires you to Upgrade a Library to Level 3. If you already have an “Upgraded Library in your City, you will need to purchase and build a new one and then Upgrade it to Level 3 so you can complete this step.

We wish you good luck on your Quest!

one of players have tried this and works :
Chinga Chonga
just delete your current level 3 library and build a new 1 on that spot. it’s only 16k, i was done with the quest about 2 hours after reading from forum, that the quest won’t count already upgraded lvl 3 libraries. also, i only had to upgrade it to lvl 2 to finish the quest


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