Cityville Seascraper Missions Links

By | July 28, 2012

WATER SKYSCRAPER! Make a splash with your citizens and place the Cityville Seascraper off the coast of your city! Adds up to 5500 population!

Sky’s the Limit
Keep taking your city to new heights with even more spectacular skyscrapers! Add the Seascraper and put your city on a whole other level!

3 missions walkthrough :

goal 1: see the seascraper mission
Complete & Place The Seascraper
Harvest 50 Rice
Collect from 5 Private Jets to Geneva

there are 6 level to upgrade ! here are the seascraper material links :
plumbing-tube box-of-bolts silver-paint water-pipes glass-tiles
plumbing tube link – box of bolts link – silver paint link – water pipes link – glass tiles link

planter water-cannon water-sprinklers steel-beams silver-roof-tiles
planter link – water cannon link – water sprinklers link – steel beams link – silver roof tiles link

plumber-plunger plumbing-wrench hanging-flowers water-lights green-lights
plumber plunger link – plumbing wrench link – hanging flowers link – water lights link – green lights link

goal 2: anchors aweigh mission
Complete your Level 4 Seascraper
Harvest Residences
Collect from Greenhouses

goal 3: run a tight ship mission
Complete your Level 6 Seascraper
Collect Fertilizer from harvesting crops
Supply any Business

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