Cityville See Train Goals Encore Amphitheater Links

By | May 31, 2012

Catch Amphitheater Fever in cityville see train goals! Turn up the heat this summer and put on a Train concert in the all new Encore Amphitheater!


quest requirements :

mission 1 : see train goal
– Place and Complete the Encore Amphitheater
– Collect Train Tour Posters
– Hold Train Concerts in your Encore Amphitheater

encore amphitheater material links :
lawn-seats guitar-stand speakers stage-lights ticket-scanner
lawn seats link – guitar stand link – speakers link – stage lights link – ticket scanner link

mission 2 : music to your ears goal
– Upgrade the Encore Amphitheater to Level 2
– Collect Train Tour Posters from Amphitheater Businesses or Ask friends
– Hold Train Concerts in your Amphitheater

mission 3 : train station goal
– Hold Pop Star Concerts in your Amphitheater
– Turn in the Train Collection
– Hold Train Concerts in your Amphitheater

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