Cityville Sign of The Times Goals City Sign Links

By | June 10, 2012

BUILD YOUR CITY SIGN in cityville sign of the times goals! Create a personalized sign in your city by building the City Sign!


Complete each level to unveil more letters and earn up to 1,000,000 coins!

here are the quest requirements :

mission 1 : sign of the times goal
Place City Sign & Upgrade to Level 2
Collect from 20 City Sign Residences
Collect 12 White Paint Buckets
rewards : 50,000 coins + 3 energy

white paint bucket link

city sign material links :
letter-stand letter-lightning steel-outline white-plastic-sheet
letter stand link – letter lightning link – steel outline link – white plastic sheet link

mission 2 : i saw the sign goal
Upgrade your City Sign to Level 3
Collect from 12 Skyscrapers
Get 16 bolts
rewards : 100,000 coins + 5 energy

mission 3 : i saw the sign goal
Complete your City Sign by upgrading to Level 5
Collect from Level 2 Solar Mall
Increase your population by 750
rewards : 200,000 coins + 7 energy

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