Cityville Skycraper Residences Links

By | December 31, 2011

Cityville skycraper residence is here ! Increase the population of your city as you grow these landmark skyscrapers to greater heights!

Upgrade Mirror Heights to Level 6 to win the one-time 10X Wonder Bonus

i think this building is based on malaysia petronas tower but on xml the name is cetronas LOL, okay.. now the first step.. you need to expand your city for the mirror heights then you’ll be able to build by collecting materials.. a lot 😛

– Place an expansion and make room for the skyline
– Complete your first Skyscraper Residence
– Build the Skyscraper Condos Residence

here are the parts links :
level 2 @5 materials :
Cement Trucks link
Elevators link
Cast Iron Plates link

level 3 @4 materials :
Concrete Pads link
Gears link
Steel Girders link


level 4 @5 materials :
Elbow Pipes link
Sky Hooks link
Drywall link

level 5 @8 materials :
Grillage link
Stoves link
Glass Curtain Walls link

level 6 @15 materials :
Copy Fax Machines link
Fire Alarms link
Fluorescent Lights link
Reception Desks link

Skylights link
Steel Columns link

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